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About us

Scrivito was created in Berlin under the umbrella of Infopark AG, which was founded in 1994 as a software company providing CMS solutions. We fell in love with Rails in about 2007 – and since then we acquired extensive experience with developing Rails-based website infrastructure technologies. Infopark has customers and partners all around the world, employs about 70 people and is a privately held company. All of the founders are still working at Infopark.

How we work

Our highly skilled development team is rapidly building high-quality Ruby on Rails and JavaScript software, agile and test-driven, using the latest technologies available. We are a group of people who love coding awesome software. The team is made up of open-minded professionals who enjoy growing in their job and taking responsibility.

We’re offering a modern working environment with flat hierarchies, lean structures and no fixed office hours. We're allowing remote work from everywhere using tools like Slack and Trello – your workplace is where your MacBook is.

We are not a chaotic startup with long hours of overtime, but rather prefer teamwork, clear structures and responsibilities – yes, we’re German :-). By the way, our external and internal communication is in English.

Usually, people stay with us for many years. We believe in a friendly, collaborative and educational working environment, but strive always for excellence.

Our office in Berlin, Germany

Our office in Berlin is a well-designed place (take a virtual tour on Google Maps) where you can concentrate, work and learn from your colleagues. In case you decide to work for us in Berlin: It is an awesome, modern, tolerant city which is very affordable and offers a great deal of quality of life.

We often use the latest technologies available – if it makes sense. We create our backend SaaS services as well as our SDK for developers in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. Our platform runs 100% on AWS – we don't own a single server –, deployed by our DevOps. Everything we do is automated and test-driven.

Wednesday is our breakfast day, on Fridays we often do public community learning though learning lunches and share our knowledge during our public power hours, which are streamed live for remote team members.

Current Job Openings at Scrivito

Ruby on Rails/JavaScript Developer (m/f)

We’re always looking for experienced Rails and JavaScript developers to join our team to contribute to Scrivito.

You should have an excellent knowledge of Ruby and Rails (and its ecosystem), JavaScript (react.js), HTML/CSS (Bootstrap) and Databases (SQL/NoSQL). Experience in a test-driven DevOps team and with cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) is definitely a big plus. Also, we like open-minded views on other emerging technologies and frameworks such as Node, Elixir, Go, …

We don't care about formal degrees or where you've acquired your skills – university, code school, self teaching: everybody is welcome.

If you're curious about how a typical interview is happening at Scrivito, check out Thomas' blog post.

Front-End Web Developer & Evangelist Blogger (m/f)

We are looking for a front-end web developer who can combine great design and programming know how with writing skills that will blow our socks off. To be more specific, half the time you will work within our projects and half the time you will work as a member of our editorial team blogging and creating content about our front-end technologies and practices. You will work closely with an agile team of top developers, designers, and other internal stakeholders to help bring the brand to life and keep our visitors up to date with changes and developments in our world as well as the Ruby and JS worlds alike.

Responsibilities will cover the whole track from UI/UX design to creating JavaScript/React.js, HTML5 and CSS3 for various projects, websites and web applications. Additionally, besides playing an active role in defining how the application looks and works, you will be largely responsible for all blog content and other content related activities sharing your practical experience as a front-end developer with others in our English language materials. Bonus points (though not required) if you can successfully combine the necessary knowledge with a dose humor to keep things entertaining.

If you think you have the chops to take on this role and work with some of the best and brightest from here in Berlin and beyond - get in touch because we want to hear from you today!

Still attending university?

No Problem. We're open for hiring junior developers who might not have years of experience yet but are willing to learn and self-develop. You'll join a world class team with lots of opportunities to learn about the latest tools and technologies. Usually the folks who join us as students stay with us many years and take over important roles in our teams.

You are a designer?

Awesome! If you are more into the front-end development and design side of things, we'd also love to hear from you. Our designers are experts in user Interaction and experience and also build hands-on front-end stuff using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.

Ready? Let's talk!

We burn for doing everything we can to help our customers – and we love our job. So if you feel the same way: We’re looking forward to get to know you!

Please send us your application via e-mail, preferably referencing your GitHub and Twitter profiles, and stating your desired salary.

Infopark AG
Erika Schaknowski, Human Resources


Phone: +49-30-747993-0

The Scrivito Development Team