About Us

Who we are

Scrivito was launched in 2014 by passionate Ruby on Rails developers. From the very start, we set out to encourage and support Ruby on Rails programmers in the development of great websites and web applications.

Offering the best reliable, extendable cloud-based CMS built solely for Ruby on Rails is the mission of the Scrivito team.

For us, creating the best Ruby on Rails CMS is much more than an ambition. Scrivito is built to meet the needs and expectations of professionals like ourselves.

Whether you are working at a startup, a digital agency or a Ruby on Rails development shop, Scrivito is designed to extend your arsenal as a mighty website creation tool. Integrate your own Ruby on Rails expertise, add your unique coding zest to it, and Scrivito will immediately turn into a time-saving machine and a productivity booster for your business.

Our team and what we stand for

We are a group of people who love coding awesome software. Our team is made up of open-minded professionals who enjoy taking responsibility. We burn for doing everything we can to help our customers – and we love what we do.

Our highly skilled development team builds high-quality software applications in an agile and test-driven way, using the latest technologies available.

We create our backend-SaaS-services as well as our SDK for Developers in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. Our platform runs on AWS, deployed in a DevOps way. Everything we do is automated and test-driven.

Infopark - the company behind Scrivito

Scrivito was created in Berlin, under the umbrella of Infopark AG, which was founded in 1994 as a software company providing CMS solutions. We fell in love with Rails in about 2007 – and since then we acquired extensive experience with developing Rails-based website infrastructure technologies. Infopark employs about 70 people and is a privately held company. All of the founders are still working at Infopark.

How we work

We’re working in a beautifully designed office or from home and cultivate a modern working environment with flat hierarchies, lean structures and no fixed office hours, allowing remote work from everywhere. We are not a chaotic startup with long hours of overtime but rather prefer teamwork, clear structures and responsibilities – yes, we’re German :-). People stay with us usually for many years. We believe in a friendly, collaborative and educational working environment, but strive always for excellence.

When you sign up for an account, you gain access to a team which is super passionate about building the best Ruby on Rails CMS out there – for startups and small to large sized businesses.

So, be our guest

Meet our team Have a look at our Berlin office

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