Welcome to the New Scrivito Demo!

Welcome to the New Scrivito Demo!

posted by Andreas

We're happy to present our brand new Scrivito demo to you! Walk in, take a look, play around with it, and experience for yourself how cool the Scrivito CMS is. All you need to do is register with us (if you haven't already done so), then open your account settings and click “Start Demo.” We also made the demo available as the Scrivito example application you can install locally or deploy to your favorite hosting platform.

The new demo showcases structures and components crucial to all websites – navigations, headers, footers, etc. –, but also more sophisticated functionality like a full-fledged blog, page hierarchies, and search.

We've provided a decent amount of widgets and sample pages for you to experiment with, using Scrivito's genuine in-place editing and drag 'n' drop functionality. The widgets included in the demo form a collection that should cover most if not all of the elements needed on a typical website:

The blog included in the demo

Just put a section, headline, text, image, or card widget onto a page and enjoy the ease of use Scrivito is known for. Create pages with multiple sections, add columns, insert a navigation, and make them work or look the way you want using their respective property dialog.

Launching the demo for the first time makes you a Scrivito editor, so you can instantly add or change content to your liking. If you'd like to start over again, no problem: you can easily have a fresh demo created via your account settings.

So, here we go - have fun! Please let us know about your impressions if you feel like it.

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