Use and Extend

An easy to use CMS, at last!

Let's face it, many CMSs are simply unintuitive (to put it nicely). Editors find themselves navigating through complex tree hierarchies, filling out forms without seeing the effects of their changes. Basically, it’s a lot of filling out data or content fields, checking boxes, and constantly hitting the preview button to see what the additions, changes, or deletions have done to the page. You cannot see and examine a page while it's being modified, and if you accidentally navigate away without having saved your work, well, tough luck.

With Scrivito, there is no constant back and forth between an editor and a preview page. Scrivito has a user-friendly WYSIWYG interface. After logging in, pages can be changed directly on-site by clicking the text and starting to type, or by adding widgets to it and moving them around freely, using drag and drop. There is no guesswork, no wondering how the page might look after your changes have been applied.

Dynamic page layouts using widgets

With most CMSs, the page layout is rather static. Once you select a page type, e.g. for creating a “Press News,” you fill out the given form fields for the title, the release date, an image and the text. Not very flexible, is it?

With Scrivito, the pages are built in a modular way, utilizing Scrivito's unique widgets as building blocks. Widgets are available for all kinds of content, headlines, text, videos, images, sign-up forms, maps, etc. As a Rails developer, you can create custom widgets anytime. And, since widgets are modular, they're also reusable between projects. We're providing a growing number of standard widgets for free with Scrivito.

Any editor can add widgets to a page and move them around using drag and drop. So, there’s no reason to call the web designer or Rails developer every time a slightly modified page design is needed.

Auto-saving to the rescue

In Scrivito, you never have to think about pressing a save button in order to keep your work after you've written a passage of text or changed the layout of the site. Scrivito has a built-in auto-save feature so you can concentrate on your edits without fear of losing your work in case your browser crashes or your network connectivity goes down. It's like using Google Docs, but for your website.

If you're unsure about the changes or would just like to have an overview of the ones you or a colleague actually have made to a page or a whole site, you can always open the “changes view” that lists the changed and new pages, images, etc. in an intelligible way.