Cloud Service
Delivering Peace of Mind

Set up your site in minutes

Scrivito has been built from scratch as a native cloud service. Compared to faux cloud services that simply host individual installations of CMS software, Scrivito saves you a lot of time when setting up a project, not to mention in the course of the project. Need another CMS instance? It's just one click in your account settings. No installation hassles, no more worries about database setup, MySQL replication, search engine indexing, backups, correct header metadata for image caching, etc. Just integrate our SDK into your Rails app and you're good to go. We'll handle the rest, so you can focus on building your site without worrying about the necessary infrastructure.

But beyond that – it's based on Rails, so Scrivito is 100% extendable and customizable to your needs, unlike other cloud-based solutions with their fixed set of features. In other words, you dictate the rules, not the other way around.

Scalability and availability

Scrivito runs on the world-class infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). It doesn’t just use their computing resources, but all those features that make a native cloud solution great as well. For example, Scrivito runs on top of AWS' DynamoDB service, a NoSQL database that is the state-of-the-art gold standard when it comes to building distributed, fault-tolerant systems like Scrivito. For high availability and data durability, your data is stored in three geographically distributed data centers. No other standard CMS can say that.

Delivering binary data

Whenever you upload binary assets to Scrivito – images, videos, PDF files, etc. – they’re automatically saved to our integrated binary storage service (which, again, uses Amazon's S3 service internally). This has a load of benefits:

    • Your Rails application doesn't need to handle file uploads. The Rails processes won't be blocked while an editor uploads a 350 MByte video. Asset upload requests to Scrivito will never hit your Rails app, but rather go to S3 or our CDN directly.
    • Your data is safe and secure. The data is 99.999% available and has a durability of 99.999999999%. Yes, that is a lot of nines. What it means is, your data never gets lost.
    • You can upload large files, so no problems handling your HD videos. And, you don't need to use YouTube just because your CMS can’t properly handle large files or traffic spikes.
    • There's almost no limit to the number of concurrent data deliveries to your clients, so there's no reason to be afraid of load peaks.

      Lightning-fast content delivery through our CDN

      Slow delivery of website assets such as images not only wastes the visitors' time, but also impairs their user experience. As your data is stored on our highly scalable binary storage service, your data is always available and delivered to your clients fast. We also automatically optimize internal HTTP headers such as “Cache-Control” and “ETag,” so your browser only needs to load images once and can then cache them until they change. So when the user surfs around on your site, it will be super-fast by default.

      Your data will be automatically delivered through our built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN). Your data is not only highly available on our binary service, but is also distributed to more than 40 so-called edge locations worldwide, which keep a copy of your content geographically as close to your users as possible (internally, we use AWS' CloudFront service for that). This greatly reduces the network latency of web requests made by end users, reducing their page load times. So the delivery of your content – especially of HD videos – will be as fast as possible.

      Concerned about set-up time? Relax! It doesn’t take a second. You just start using it, and it's super fast, right out of the box.

      Intelligent caching

      To minimize the dependency of your Rails app from the Scrivito cloud service, we've built a lot of intelligent caching into our SDK. So, as soon as your cache is warm, your app no longer needs to talk to Scrivito. Basically, it only queries Scrivito if there's new content available. But if your app, for whatever reason, cannot reach our API for some time, don't worry: Your site will be up and running all the time, served from the cache. As soon as a connection is possible again, Scrivito automatically catches up with the changes – and only with the changes, thanks to Scrivito’s integrated highly-effective changes feed – and brings your new content online. You can even use a distributed second-level data cache like Memcached if you're starting up new servers to warm the cache as fast as possible.

      New features on the fly

      Scrivito is constantly improving. We're releasing new features every month, often every week. Upgrading your SDK is as easy as typing “bundle update scrivito_sdk” in your Rails app. If you're not living on the edge – relax, we're always trying to keep our APIs as stable as possible, and we continue to support old SDK versions for at least six months after they have been superseded, often much longer.